Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A hypo sort of day

Of course I ate like crap too, but today was truly a hypothyroid symptom filled day.

I don't want to complain . . . but oy! (And complaining is what I do on here . . . right?)

It took a lot of caffeine to keep me awake . . . get me fully awake! Who am I kidding?

I generally felt crappy all day. Of course the crap I was putting into my system didn't help.

Interesting note, I wasn't even finished my crap breakfast when I noticed my body complaining about it!

Did I stop and start eating healthy? HA! No. I seriously ate crappy all day . . . I think that had a lot to do with my flare up of hypothroid symptoms.

- fatigue
- lethargy
- inability to focus (oh wait, that's normal!)
- hair shedding
- achey muscles and joints
- tendonitis flare up (in my elbow of all places! That hasn't flared up since right after high school!)

So tomorrow I'm packing lots of yummy veggies and m.aking sure I have both bottles full of water.

Apparently my diet and the way my thyroid decides to function are connected. this was an interesting incidental . . . unplanned . . . accidental (that's the word) experiment. One I don't plan on performing again anytime soon.

OH!! I'm down to 202!! ***happy dance*** Confirmed at my endo's office yesterday :-)

On that happy note, I'm going to snuggle in between the sleeping meows and my sexy Italian!

Good night!

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