Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MIA Land


I know, I disappeared again . . . But it's been good crazy busy! This weekend was full of fabulous food (Greek Festival and Broad Appetit), fantastic friends, family, and OMG I'M GOING TO MELT sun and heat!
Oy vey! It was hot! this weekend!!!
My Italian's horseback therapy was even canceled! He had already planned on not going, so it was nice to hear that they were canceling class as well.

I got the message that they were canceling while I was on my way to Broad Appetit with friends.

Essentially it's a several block long food festival! Restaurants from around the Richmond area came and did samplings of food for $3. I picked up some Pork terderloin w/ fruit chutney from . . . I forget now. Dang it. But it was very good!

Then I went over to Urban Farmhouse and got some of their organic strawberries in a honey yogurt.
Seriously? the picture doesn't do it justice. I almost licked the plate when I was done. Come to think of it . . . I think I did lick the plate. SO INCREDIBLE! Definitely something I'm going to make at home. Strawberries and yogurt with a good amount of honey mixed in. Hrmm . . . it's the perfect dessert. Doesn't stand up in heat too well though. You can see it was already starting to melt some.

After that we went back to the Greek Festival. My Italian and I had been there on Saturday, as had my friends, but we went back because I dropped my Italian off and went to see my cousin who lives a block away. My aunt, her husband, my cousin's brother and his family were there and since I don't see my other cousin and his family very often (his wife was one of my bridesmaids) I wanted to go see them. By the time we got back to the Greek Festival, my Italian was overheated and cranky. So we went home. I hadn't gotten my gyro! grrrrrr!!

My Italian stayed home Sunday because of the heat. So I went with my friends, after Broad Appetit to the Greek Festival and promptly got in line for a gyro. YUM! Oh I can't wait for November when they have the mini-Greek festival. Or I just need to find a good Greek restaurant in Richmond.

Anyone know of a good Greek restaurant around here??

We looked at the market they had. Lots of really pretty . . . expensive . . . stuff. I then stopped for some lo . . . loli . . . crap! What were they called? Anyway. It was blobs of dough fried then heated up in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. YUM! So good.

Needless to say . . . I indulged myself with food this weekend. Lots of food, not so much intentional exercise. I did walk . . . 2 laps around Broad Appetit and lots of walking around the Greek Festival.

After the Greek Festival we were all roasting and feeling ickie. So we stopped at by their house so they could pick up their suits and we returned to our apartment to play in the pool.

Does this make sense to anyone else? It's blistering hot outside and where do we jump in first?

The Hot Tub!

It made perfect sense at the time. Thinking about it now? I'm scratching my head going . . . huh?

Eh . . .

We jumped in the pool next then back in the hot tub . . . just in time for it to start to rain! ERGH!

Once the rain let up, a rainbow showed up. I tried to get a picture of it, but the phone on my camera couldn't grab it. :-(

Back to the apartment we went. Dinner was chicken, quinoa, and a bag of steamer veggies. The guys had the rest of the neopolitan ice cream (the strawberry. I ate all the chocolate and vanilla) and I made Michelle and I some blackberry sorbet . . . at least that's what I'm calling it. I blended frozen blackberries and added a packet of Truvia.

So good! It's also good for killing the ice cream/milkshake cravings I get. That was a bizarre discovery. But good to know.

They went home and my Italian and I collapsed into bed. (After we got the kitchen sorta cleaned up and I packed my bag for the abs class the next day.)

I worked through my lunch Monday and got to Curves about 4:30 for their 5 abs class. So I went ahead and did my work out, then the class started just as I finished the last machine of the circuit. So I got a nice hour long work-out in on Monday, came home, fed my Italian and went for a 30 minute bike ride on my new-to-me road bike!

It was my Grandpa's bike and was just a hair to big for me. Since I was meeting Michelle to go riding yesterday, I wanted to get a short ride in on my own to get used to the way it handled and be somewhat comfortable on it. I rode for about 30 minutes (It took me 15 to get the tire pumped up . . . figuring out a new pump is a bitch!) then came home and pooped out.

Yesterday my Italian was at his parent's house for dinner so I picked up a salad from WaWa and ate that while changing to go riding.

We ride out at WestCreek parkway. It's a 6 mile loop that has a hill that has kicked my butt! I made it up this time! **happy dance** We ended up riding 8 miles and my legs were jello (!) afterwards.

OH! I had my appointment with my new endocrinologist, Dr. Wigand!!


The person who recommended him to me told me that he was larger than life personality wise. She wasn't kidding!

He sorta reminded me of a small giant. My guess is that he is 6 ft (tops) tall. But he has HUGE features and a large (loud) voice. But honestly, the nicest guy. And he talked to me like I knew what he was talking about! He listened to my concerns and addressed them.

I think he and I will do just fine. He took some blood and is testing my thyroid, adrenals, and glucose sensitivity (that's not how he phrased it, but I forget what he called it).

OH! But genius of geniuses . . . I forgot my health insurance card! ARGH! So I told them I would fax it to them when I got to work. Guess what I realized I hadn't done on my way home from work . . .

yea. Didn't fax it. In fact, I still haven't faxed it. Probably should get on that. Ergh . . .

That's pretty much about it . . . after I got back from riding last night I vacuumed and again collapsed into bed. Would you believe me if I told you that getting up for work this morning was REALLY hard? (It was!)

Okay, back to work and sending my health insurance card off. (I can't afford those tests! Yeep! I don't even want to think what the visit costs!)


  1. Did you happen to ask your new doc about HCG? I've lost 12.2 lbs in 8 days so far! I'm freaking loving it!

  2. Congrats Sharper! I haven't asked. I've been pretty successful with what I'm doing, but I may research it and see what it's about.

    I love reading your progress reports! That's so fabulous! I'm so excited for you!!