Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weigh In Results & ME Time . . . Sorta

Last night was my second to last Weight Watcher's meeting. Honestly . . . I think I'm going to miss it some. Not that the weight is starting to come off again, I'm actually enjoying the meetings. (And I like my leader Amber.) At the same time, I'm not following their program anymore. I've heard pretty much what they've had to say, but still . . .

I did weigh in. I was down! YAY!! 1.4 pounds. I was a little disappointed. I was really hoping for more, but it's a loss and it's a good amount. I am 5 pounds away from 10% of my original body weight gone and 5 pounds away from saying goodbye to 200's. I'm at 204.8 right now. I'm SO CLOSE! It's exciting . . . and scary all at the same time.

Exciting because it's what I've been striving at for a LOOOOONG time. It's scary because . . . well . . . success is scary and I'll be closing in on "it's my fault" weight. Not the "it's my thyroid" weight. Though, I think that may have been the first 10 pounds. So I really can't use that excuse anymore. But I've been clinging to it anyway. Once I get under 200 I can't do that!

I REALLY do want to see a 1 in front of my weight. I'm only 5 pounds away. I know I can do this.

I just got to stop eating popcorn (lunch) and cookies (more lunch) and stick to the plan I've set out for myself. 

Speaking of food . . . Yesterday was perfect! Lunch was a salad that was lettuce, cucumbers, egg, tomato and crumbled bacon with the tiniest bit of balsamic vinegar for dressing.

Dinner was 2 pieces of chicken and a couple pieces of bacon with a bowl of the leftover grilled veggies from Sunday. Then an orange for dessert. It was SO good. My Italian was at his parents for dinner so I had the apartment to myself, with the exception of the two monsters (cats).

After I finished dinner, I grabbed my book and as I was heading to our bedroom to veg and read some I head a car door slam. I know that sound. Sure enough. My wonderful Italian was home! NOOOOOOO!!!!

I decided to ignore the fact that they were coming in and continue reading. My father-in-law brought him in, put left-overs in the fridge, took our recyclables and said hello and good-bye. I never moved from the bed where I was reading. It may have been rude, but I wanted my down-time damn it!

My Italian rolled in and . . . yep . . . needed help. *sigh* But shortly later he started getting ready for bed so I was able to go back to my book and veg for quite a while longer. Then we got him in bed and we snuggled up to watch Lovely Bones.

It was a wonderful and relaxing evening! Something I very much needed. I could still use that vacation, but I think I can make it through this week. I need to carve out some time for myself this weekend too. Just me. Unplugging from everything and just relaxing . . . hmmmm . . . nice.

OH! My Italian goes to the doctor tomorrow! His foot has been sore since last friday when he walked halfway up the pool ramp. :( I hope he didn't do anything to it! (I'm going to KILL him if he did anything to it!) But we also find out how many more weeks of winter he gets to torture me he has to wear his boot. I'm predicting mid June like the original estimate was. But maybe it'll be sooner? (fingers crossed!!)

So yea . . . how are you?


  1. How bittersweet about WW, huh? If sounds like you've learned a lot from them...and yet, it'll be so exciting to blaze a path on your own.

    It may have been rude, but you reallyhave to give yourself your own personal time--otherwise you might get bitter about all you "have" to do--or that could just be me!

    COngrats on the loss.

  2. congrats on the weight loss! every little bit counts, it may seem insignificant but those little losses really add up =)

  3. @beej - thanks. I'm pretty happy about the loss.
    I did feel better after just reading and vegging that evening. Just learning to take what time I can get and sucking every minute out of it. :-)

    @sweetandfit - Thanks! I'm pretty happy with it. :-)