Friday, May 7, 2010

The Eve of a New Chapter

HI!! Missed you guys! Really I have! I've just not been able to get a coherent post out in the past couple days. *le sigh*

I'm on the verge of a new chapter . . . I'm SO excited! Tomorrow I start the 30-Day hard core Paleo diet. Well I do have one deviant instance planned. I'm taking my future sister-in-law to Carl's Ice Cream in Fredericksburg. You can't go to Carl's and not have ice cream! It's like going to the dentist and not getting a cleaning! (But this is AS enjoyable as the dentist is AWFUL!)

Carl's is an ice cream window on Princess Anne street in Fredericksburg that hasn't changed since the 1950's (?? I think? I want to say?). It's IN-CRED-I-BUL! The link gives you more details. Suffice to say . . . if you're in Fredericksburg . . . GO TO CARL'S (as long as it's between Feb. 14 - sometime in Nov.) Don't worry about the weather. That doesn't matter. It's TOTALLY worth it!

(wow . . . have I ever mentioned how ADD I am? What exactly was I talking about??)

A lot of the information I received about the Paleo diet & thyroid disease, I got from a series that David Csonka is doing on Dear Thyroid. His blog is Naturally Engineered and is also chockful of really interesting information. Some paleo related, some not.

Oh yea . . . I was talking about tomorrow! It's probably not the best day to start as I'll be spending most of the day at my in-laws! LOL! Eh . . . Apparently we're having KFC for dinner. My Italian said he'd ask them to get a bucket of grilled chicken as well as fried chicken. (Can I whine for a minute? I LOVE KFC fried chicken! ****wwwwwhhhhiiiiiiiinnnnnne**** Okay, I'm done. I feel better, I'll deal with it.)

Tomorrow should be a lot of fun. I'm starting the day by meeting with Jillian Jr and we're off to downtown to do the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5k. Whoot! Yea . . . the one I'm still sorta in denial about? Yea, that one. It's going to be a rough race tomorrow. I'll tell you that much. Oy-Vey!

zzaxxx  <--- That's the Logan monster telling me it's late & I need to go to bed and pay attention to him.

So good night and off I go to snuggle with my Italian and pet the Logan monster. (sheesh, I can't even get time to myself when I'm trying to go to sleep! What the heck? HA!!)

If I don't catch you guys later, Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms & Future Moms & Wannabe Moms & Moms of kids who aren't their kids but Mom them anyway! (Remind me & I'll explain that last one. Unless you get what I mean.)


  1. I totally get what you mean by the last one! My real mom passed away in 2003 and since have been adopted by quite a few wonderful other Moms. It's nice :)

    Good luck with the KFC and enjoy the ice cream!!!

  2. I told you I'd give you grief if you went off track. I know you haven't yet, but Em, you're already planning on breaking it? Come on, girl! I know you can do better! :)

    Good luck with the 5k and the KFC dinner!

  3. I'm excited to hear how the hard core-ness goes... it should be a really interesting diet!

  4. It's proved to be a challenge when not eating at home, or not having control over what's being served. But not as much as some! I'm enjoying it so far! Thanks for all of your support!!