Thursday, May 13, 2010

So I'm a Little Selfish

My Italian went to see his surgeon and have his ankle checked out and make sure that the fusion he had on his ankle back in mid February was still healing well. Good news. It is! It looks great.

The outside of his foot (same one that had the surgery) has been bothering him since last Friday when he walked halfway up the ramp at the pool. Turns out he's got a stress fracture. (damn, damn damn damn damn!!!) It's going to take anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks to heal and he's got to stay off of it for that time. So the only therapy he'll be having for the meantime is pool therapy. But at least he'll be able to work on strengthening that foot while it heals. That's the bad news! :-(

*sigh* I was REALLY hoping that he was going to be up and moving sooner. Playing nursemaid is starting to wear me a little thin. I'm sure he's getting a little tired of being waited on hand and foot not being able to be totally independent.  (We're both fiercely independent people.)

He also doesn't understand that I need some down time to recoop and switch gears after work. We were talking about that after dinner while we took a walk around the neighborhood. He said "Well you'd better get used to it." Me. "What?" Him. "When we have kids, they're not going to understand that you need downtime."

Ugh . . . wrong?

Mom would come home, say hi to us, go up to her room and change her clothes and we knew that was her time. Why wouldn't my own?

Moms? Those of you who work full time. How do you do it? How do you work all day, then come home and  give 100% to your kids?

That scares me. I want kids, but I'm worn out caring for 1 husband (and I want 3 kids!). How will I deal with a husband and a child? OY VEY!!

This has been a message from the freaked out "grown-up" side of Em. We now return you to your regular neurotic Em.


  1. Bummer! I read about the stress fracture on Twitter, and it made me sad! I know it'll be better, but it may take some time, huh?

    Oh,and I think it's totally acceptible to have soem down time right when you get home. You need time to yourself to be a good wife/mom. I fully believe that!

    Your last line cracked me up!!

  2. That's totally why I can't ever see myself having kids. If I don't have my alone time, I go crazy. Plus I'm bad enough at remembering to water my plant; that would never do if I forgot to feed my kids (haha).

    Hope that the Italian has a speedy recovery and that work isn't getting you down too much with the busy-ness!