Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 3 - Almost Made It! Day 4 - In Progress

I'm beginning to wonder if I can follow anything without cheating. *sigh*

Day 3 Almost Made It!

Yesterday started out really really well. I was scrambling in the morning and raced out the door sans breakfast, so I just guzzled water all morning until I got to lunch. For lunch I had a grilled chicken breast on some lettuce and a few slices of tomato and a hot dog (sans bun) from a grill that's set up in the court yard in front of the Sun Trust Building. That filled me up and left me comfortable and happy the rest of the day.

Though when I got home at 5:30ish, I was starving again! (Has my metabolism sped up or something?) We were going to small group and we have dinner there and I knew were were having Chinese food, so there was a chance I might be able to eat some of it.  Especially since they said they were going to order Chicken & Cashews and Chicken & Broccoli. I did rinse off a strawberry that Mom and I picked on Sunday and eat that. It actually satisfied my stomach grumbles.

I faltered some made the decision to falter during dinner. I did eat an egg roll and then had some fried rice, then some white rice to sop up all the brown sauce that was covering my plate. Honestly? The egg roll was eeehh . . . and the rice . . . eh. I probably . . . No. I should have lived with out it.

All I drank was water . . . but wow, I've been craving apple juice like crazy. It's more that it's in the fridge here at work than anything else though. (That whole want what you can't have thing? Yea. Speaking of which, I need to go fill up my water bottle . . . No, not with apple juice. Ick. Not that much juice!)

Day 4 - In Progress . . . So Far So Good!

For breakfast I had 2 sunny side up eggs dry fried. I almost burned them! (Believe it or not) I think I'm going to wander to Salad Kings for lunch.

Tonight is Weight Watchers (my second to last meeting!) and Curves. I'm determined to go to Curves tonight. Though I'm also REALLY tempted to skip Curves and just come home and enjoy having the house to myself for a while . . . But I really do need to get the exercise in. Especially since I'm not going biking with Michelle et al tomorrow. (My Italian wants to get a shower.) I may try to go run tomorrow or something. I don't know. I've also NOT been to Curves or done a full Curves session in a really long time, so I'm well overdue. Time to go back and get cranking again.

Also on the to do list is getting the big bathroom tub & cat box scrubbed out and cleaning up the dishes that have been gathering since we've actually been eating at home. (I think I might try to vacuum in the morning . . . ICK!)

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