Sunday, May 2, 2010

Salmon Cakes . . . sorta

Day 1 of going paleo was off and on at best. Breakfast was 3 sunny side up eggs cooked in butter and dinner was supposed to be Salmon Cakes with Homemade Ginger Mayo. I either made the salmon cakes too big or there was too much liquid because they completely fell apart. Well, I know there was too much liquid. I put the 3 tbsp of lemon juice that was supposed to go on the cabbage into the salmon mixture. Ooops . . .  But all in all, it's a quick, easy yummy meal. The Ginger Mayo, I liked. My Italian didn't. He ended up putting Catalina all over his Salmon cake salad.

The only down side to all of this. It's Sunday afternoon. And I can sorta still feel the salmon cakes sitting in my stomach. UGH . . . I think I may have eaten too much! I'm not sure.

Yesterday I also ate a package of strawberry poptarts. They're paleo right? HA!! No, I know, they're not. They're so highly processed I'm not sure they're really even food!

It was really strange, last night I was craving orange foods. Carrots and oranges specifically. I really wanted an orange, but I knew we were out so I thought about getting a carrot, but never got that far. That's by far the strangest craving I've ever had. Maybe a vitamin C deficiency? Weird!

I fell of the wagon a little this morning at church. I grabbed a coffee and dumped sugar and fake creamer in there while munching on some doughnut holes. Ergh! Mindless eating anyone? *sigh*  And that was with the salmon still swimming in my tummy. I don't get it!

That's all I've eaten today. I think I may grab some carrots because since talking about them, that craving is back. Maybe I need the fiber. That could be it!

The Italian has horseback riding this afternoon. But the carrots are for me! The horses get the peppermint treats in the back of the van.

I've got pictures of what dinner looked like but they won't load! GRR!! Will try later! Sorry guys!!


  1. That recipe looks yummy!

    Don't sweat the mess-ups. Just focus on the good points and start doing good from here on. :)

    I've started my Thyroid Diet today. This morning has gone good so far....key words: SO FAR. lol

  2. You so totally rock Sharper!

    I'm not worried about it. I'm taking it a day at a time and easing into it. Shortly I'm be totally paleo and hopefully things will be fabu!