Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Morning Ride

I just realized . . . I forgot to report my weigh in on Tuesday! Bad Em! Sorry about that! (Yes, I'm back in a healthy frame of mind again. YAY!!)

I lost 0.8 pounds taking me down to 204. The great thing is that the weight loss is starting to show. From side to side I am seeing a difference. I'm thinner. My gut's not really going anywhere very fast, but that may take concentrated attention. Also, my calves and ankles have gotten smaller. I actually noticed that last week. My thighs haven't, but I'm quite comfortable with the size they are. Though I'm beginning to think my weight loss is going to happen from the bottom up! (ha!)

If that's the case, I'm gonna look funny and top heavy for a while. Well not a while . . . but you know what I mean.

I still haven't managed to get a new tube for my new-to-me road bike, but I did get a ride in today. I took my hybrid bike and rode to Curves this morning. It was really quite a nice ride. I google-mapped it when I got home and it's about 3.5 miles one way. So I did about 7 miles this morning :-)

Albeit, I did stop and do the Curves work-out in the middle of it.

I've not been to Curves in quite a while. It surprised me how hard some of the exercises were! I was a little bummed by that, but that's what you get I guess. Time to start cranking away back there again.

But I love the fact that I can ride there and still get a pretty good work-out in and ride back. Obvioiusly that's going to be a Saturday thing. I like living, so I'm not going to try that after work. Midlothian Turnpike, even for the short while I'm on it, is not a bike-friendly road.

Now I'm cooking up breakfast/lunch. Stew meat, eggs and a salad. Or carrots in place of a salad. Depends on how the salad looks.

I'm back! I feel like whatever funk I let myself sink into is fading and I'm coming back. It feels good.



  1. Welcome back, Em! We saved your seat and everything :)

  2. Thanks Karen!

    It's good to have "me" back. Yay a seat saved and everything!! **Happy dance!!**