Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do I need to detox?

Okay, so I had a bag of popcorn and some cookies today. I actually felt better after eating that then I have in a while. Which makes me wonder . . .  ? Am I missing something when I'm eating paleo that I need to be adding in? Salt maybe? Though I woke up with the craving for something soft and smooth, like yogurt. Maybe I should have made a smoothie.

But the fact that I felt back to my old self has me wondering for this to really be successful, do I need to totally detox my system first? Is there a paleo way of doing that?

I'm with in the first few days of this and with the exception of Sunday, I've felt like crap. Saturday was not because of this though. I REALLY want this to work.

It is a lot harder than the transition to mostly fruits and vegetables for me though, because I grew up not eating a whole lot of meat. Maybe I need to go back and ease into it again? Concentrate more on getting my veggies in and slowly increasing the amount of meat I eat?

I've eaten pretty crappy today, but I feel more normal than I have in a while.

My body is used to crappy food and doesn't know what to do with the good whole foods I've been feeding it recently?

I will say the biggest difference has been when I was eating mostly fruits and veggies I would come home from work begging my Italian to order a big greasy pan pizza dripping with cheese and pepperoni. My body was craving the fat that it wasn't getting.

I'm not getting those cravings now, but I don't have any specific cravings. It could be more related to my thyroid than my diet. Eh . . . I don't know.


  1. Don't think you need to detox, you're just addicted to sugar- it can take a full week to get over it. Withdrawal symptoms can go from the shakes, to a low fever or just a general mehh feeling. You can do it :)

  2. Yeah I think this "month of Paleo" plan you're trying to do would count as a detox/clense, you know?

    I say stick with it--it's only a month. You can re-evaluate then in June...