Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Gotta Push Through

I have the smartest, most wise mom in the whole wide world! I called Mom to complain about not being allowed to go on a road trip with a friend over Memorial Day weekend because my Italian needs someone to help him get ready in the morning and at night. *eye rolling* So until mid-summer, I'm stuck.

Mom talked me down off of the branch I managed to get myself on and helped me see it from his side too. Hopefully we're looking at only a month and half more before he'll be a little more up and around on his own and I'll be able to take off on a weekend trip. There's also the week long trip with his family to the beach where I can take some time for myself multiple days in a row. And it will be a vacation. Not quite the vacation/get-away that I was wanting, but this will work.

I'll be able to get away after that I imagine. I do predict many day trips in my future (including one to the beach I'm thinking).*sigh*

So for at least the next month and half (the "at least" part scares the living poops out of me!!) I just need to push through. It's really frustrating because we were, by this point looking at at being nearly done and it's been extended by at least a month. It's almost enough to make me cry. Eh . . . I did shed a few tears while I was on the phone with mom.

I'll just redecorate the apartment in the meantime. That's what I'll do. Instead of eating (cause, yes, that's what I've been doing) I'll start purging and getting rid of stuff. Once that's done, I'll start reorganizing and making a wish list. Then I'll have a beautiful, minimal new apartment! (Well, not new, but you know what I mean.)

OH! And when my parents move they're giving us their sleeper sofa, so I'll be getting rid of the love seat we have in our living room and replacing it with that! Since I'm recovering the couch and sofa with slip covers, no one will be the wiser that they don't match. . . until it has to be used as a bed that is. Bonus is that we'll be able to have more people over. We have the futon (which needs a new cover DESPERATELY! It's got the same cover on it as when I bought it 12 years ago. Umm . . . ICK!) which can sleep 1 or 2 if they want to sleep snuggly and then the sleeper sofa which can be 1 or 2 (I think). I'm so excited!

Okay . . . see? I just have to refocus! Oy! Constant refocusing . . .

Well time to go to bed. My poor Italian's got a cold so he's a little snorish. (Ick!) I just hope he's able to get a good night's sleep. He looks like hell and he was saying he felt worn out! He's my energizer bunny! He's never worn out!

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  1. Yeah, just hold on. A few more weeks and you'll be able to take that vacation! And, a a bonus, it'll be less crowded wherever you go, ince it won't be Memorial Day weekend!