Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jerky Redecorating

Earlier today I mentioned while we were at the grocery store I picked up stuff for me not only for dinner, but for snacks. Well one of those things I picked up was beef jerky. That stuff's EXPENSIVE! It equaled out to $1/serving! Sorry . . . we're not that well off. I've been wanting to make beef jerky myself anyway.

I know it can be done. I was dating a guy (way long before I met my Italian) and he made THE BEST jerky I'd ever tasted in his dehydrator. I don't have a dehydrator yet. (maybe I'll get one soon . . . *grin*)

I was waiting time at work today on TweetDeck and was reading a conversation about jerky between @JewliaGoulia and @krquick. Like the nosy know-it-all sort of person I am I stuck my nose in and mentioned that you can make it at home, found and posted this link. Jerky in the oven! Unfortunately my oven only goes down to 170, but I think I might try it soon anyway.

In other news, my Italian asked our landlords about painting. The good news is we can paint! The bad news is it's only one wall! The good news is they'll do the painting for us! The bad news is we have to buy the paint. Eh . . . that's not such bad news.

But the wall they'll paint is the one across from the fireplace in our living room. I was really hoping to paint our bedroom and redecorate it totally. (The living room was going to be next). But what's neat is about the time that I got that information from my Italian (can you imagine it? Me sitting on info and not spilling it immediately to you? I know! How horrible of me!) I got an e-mail from Jess at CSN Stores to do a review of one of their products. They've got EVERYTHING! I was looking through their stores. They've got track lightingbedding setsslipcovers (good-bye ugly plad couches!) and even fitness equipment stuff!

Can I tell you I'm glad my Italian had taken my credit card from me? (Hello HUGE credit card bill!) It was fun window shopping. It was my "If I had a million dollars and an actual house to furnish . . . " One day Em, one day.


  1. Only one wall?!? Lame! Mind you, I'd pay for the paint if someone else did the work for me - HATE painting. lol

  2. Hey! It's great that they'll paint a wall, though. That's cool.

    Oh, and you might be able to find a good Jerky Maker online...I got one for like $20. It's great!

  3. That sounds awesome about the jerky. I'm a closet jerky fan. I hardly ever have it, but LOVE it.

  4. @Chibi I LOVE painting. I'd repaint our entire apartment if I could. But I'll settle for the one wall. Then I'm covering the sofas and changing the pillows. TOTALLY excited!! :-)

    @Traci I'm the same way. It's so expensive. It's a wonderful guilty pleasure.

  5. We only use our dehydrator once or twice a year. You can borrow it if you want!