Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend + 5k + Food + more food = Good times!

This was a wonderful weekend. Especially yesterday. But that's because we were up home at my folks. (Not that I'm biased or anything . . . )

How was your weekend? How was your Mother's Day? Did you call your Mom (or go visit)?

Let me rewind a bit. My weekend was jam packed!

Saturday . . . as you guys know was Day 1 of my 30 day hard-core Paleo adventure and I did the Race for the Cure 5k. I'll tell you more about that in a minute

Food wise:

3 dried apricot halves
3 Raw organic cacoa gogi cubes - questionable on whether or not they fit
1 banana (post race)
Tropical Smoothies Health Nut Smoothy w/ Whey Protein (post race - & as I hadn't really eaten before the race I was desperately needing some massive nutrients in my system!)
2 or 3 strawberries from the Farmer's Market (Michelle and I went to the Farmer's Market after the race)
Not exactly paleo . . . the chicken was leftover from last night. I smeared goat cheese all over it because I'd put too much of the red pepper flakes on it the night before
  Leftover chicken cooked with basil & red pepper flakes smeared in goat cheese, 1/2 a piece of salmon and a salad of arugala, spinach, carrots, broiled yellow squash and radishes with balsamic vinegar for the dressing. Totally YUM!!

2 apples
Lots more strawberries
Baby carrots
Broccoli - raw, I know. It's a goitrogen . . . bad  **sigh**
Cherry Tomatoes
Possible more fruit . . . I'm not real sure. At some point I went into a fruit haze.
3 pieces of grilled Kentucky Fried Chicken
A few sips of a red merlot
And my downfall (my Mother in law was THROWING candy at me! Literally!)

Overall, Saturday I did eeehhhh . . . I remained strong through dessert, not eating any brownies or ice cream. I even perservered when they brought out the jar of candy. But then my Mother in law started trying to throw the candy back in the jar (she's got REALLY BAD AIM) and they were landing in front of me, so I made the decision to give in. I will say, the Reeses were totally worth it. YUM! The Hershey's, not so much. (Okay Beej, let the grief begin!)

Sunday's food was a little bit better because I had quite a bit more control over it. (I picked out what we were having for Mother's Day dinner!)
2 eggs fried in olive oil (NOT a good idea - ICK! But as I'm not doing dairy for 30 days butter was out. :-(  Ergh . . . )
1 sweet potato w/ a dash of cinnamon
Salad w/ cucumbers, red leaf lettuce, onions, tomatos (no dressing)
Grilled veggies (red, yellow, orange, green bell peppers, yellow squash, zucchini and red onions)
Grass fed steak
Bowl of strawberries - fresh picked from a strawberry field w/ Mom
Glass of iced tea 
I definitely felt better all the way around Sunday rather than Saturday. But I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I did the 5k with almost nothing in my system so I spent the entire day playing catch up. Unfortunately I was playing catch up with fruit so I ended up with lots of fruit sugar in my system, so I think I was dehydrated (despite drinking lots of water) and had too much sugar in my system. 

I've come to the conclusion that I really need to treat fruit like a dessert or a treat. It can't be a main staple of my diet. Or atleast not eaten in the mass quantities that it was on Saturday.

So . . . my weekend . . . 

I woke up on Saturday TOTALLY NOT wanting to get up at all. But I got up, got my Italian dressed and put on shorts, a t-shirt, my masher sports bra (because yes, that's what I call it), and my running shoes and got breakfast ready for my Italian. Even while I was putting all my gear together for the race it wasn't sinking in that I was going to go do this today. I wasn't mentally or physically ready for the race. I had no idea what I should eat, so I didn't eat much, so nutritionally I wasn't ready for the race either! Disaster waiting to happen!

Michelle (aka Jillian Jr.) and her hubby came over and picked me up. We got to the race as the gun was sounding so we never made it to the starting line. We jumped in somewhere near the starting line, which was fine as they hadn't signed up for the race & frankly I wasn't terribly worried about it at all. 

We finished the race in 52 minutes. Worse than last year, but last year I did quite a bit more running and I'd actually eaten before hand. Ugh . . . I ran down the last hill and when I hit the finish line I thought I was going to hurl! Ick . . . Never again!

After the race we meandered down to get post race munchies (a banana! YUM!) and then wandered back to the car where we stopped at Tropical Smoothie for the Health Nut Smoothie and then off to the Farmer's Market. 

Finally got home about noon. I made lunch for my Italian and I, then I raced off to Trader Joe's & Whole Food's to find grass fed steaks for Mother's Day dinner. Afterward I raced home, we picked up a plant for my Italian mom and went over for dinner. And that's where I ate fruit galore. I also developed an awful headache. I think it was a mixture of dehydration and waaay too much sugar.

Sunday SO SO SO SO much better. I skipped church to go grocery shopping (yes, again) and prep the jello for dessert. Turns out it was a good idea! By the time my Italian came home, I had just finished cleaning up the kitchen and the jello still had to sit for another 30 minutes before I could put the fruit in & then we could go.

My Italian ate lunch (left over Hamburger Helper . . .ick!) and I loaded up the van and off we went!

I love going home. Mom and Dad showed us the plans for the house they're building and Mom showed me the painting they did to various rooms upstairs to help sell the house they're in now. It's a beautiful house! Anyone want to move into a beautiful 3 bedroom house in Bowling Green,VA? It has a HUGE spare room up stairs as well (that was my room while I lived there). 

Dad grilled the steaks and veggies while I nuked (I know . . . bad, but I was crunched for time!) the sweet potatoes.

Dinner turned out REALLY good and very filling. After dinner Mom and I went to Mt. Olympus, a family farm near there, and picked strawberries, while Dad and my Italian talked bidness. After Mom and I got back we had dessert and by that point it was getting late . . . and we needed to head back to our home. :-(

But I'll  be back up there this coming weekend to meet my future sister-in-law before we head into Fredericksburg.

It was a fantastic weekend! Mom and I had some great discussions too. I want to tell you about those . . . but this post is getting waaay too long and I'm sure you're looking for toothpicks to prop your eyes open now!

Overall, I'm somewhat happy with the way this weekend went food wise. I'll update today's food tomorrow and keep a running tally on tomorrow's food for you. I'm sorry I'm a day behind right now. This post has (quite honestly) taken me all day to write!

(It's been a busy day! Between pee, cat puke, paper, tape and chinese food I've been on the go! But I'll tell you about all that tomorrow!)


  1. You know, Em I was all ready to give you grief (even before you mentioned that you knew you'd get it from me!), but then you said those magic words:

    "so I made the decision to give in."

    It's so true, you decided to give in. And you didn't beat yourself up--you enjoyed it. I think that's so important! You can't just try and try and try, and then fail and think you're a faiure. So, kudos there!

    And yeah, Sunday sounded MUCH better (not having to rush to a 5k on an empty stomach probaby helped, though!).

    Glad it's going well so far

  2. Hi Em! yeah, I think you realize the fruit consumption needs to be more moderate, it can't be a staple otherwise your fructose intake will get pretty high. When cooking your eggs, consider using coconut oil and/or butter. The fatty acid profile will be more beneficial than when using olive oil.

    Just keep in mind that the butter will require a lower cooking temp, but that is good anyway because very-high temps oxidize the cholesterol in eggs.

    Great for you doing the 5k! I do 5k's pretty often, and I often lament the fact that the post race food they provide is usually sugary low-fat carb stuff. :(