Friday, August 20, 2010

Losing It

Weight. I'm talking about losing weight.

No, really. I am. That's been part of my plan with this blog all along. During my recent disappearing acts I've been yo-yoing like a mad woman. I've dipped as low as 202 and gone back up to 212. And bounced around 212. I've started and stopped exercising and started back up again. (And back and forth and back and forth and . . . You get the point.)

I've toyed with the idea of various types of eating. Vegetarian (sans soy), going back to paleo, eating only when I'm hungry, raw, high raw. You name it, I've probably toyed with the idea of it over the past several weeks.

At the same time, people talking about tracking what they're eating have been showing up everywhere. (Ever feel like the Universe is trying to tell you something?) While I haven't out right rejected tracking what I eat, it's always an overwhelming prospect for me. I think because when I did WW it just felt overwhelming. Figuring out what I ate, how much I ate, and how many points it was. (That makes me tired just thinking about it!)

Did I do a lot of tracking when I was in WW?


Have I done ANY since I've left WW?


Have I thought about it?

Sure. But I sorta get the same overwhelmed feeling when ever I think about it.

I've thought about going food bloggie-esque and putting everything I ate on here. But do you really want to see my boring dishes? (Seems like all the food bloggers have some gorgeous & interesting dishes. Mine . . . boring and not very pretty. They didn't live up to the picture on the box. :-( Oh well. I'm in search of new ones to ask for Christmas. And suggestions?)

I have started . . . sorta . . . planning all of my meals. I'm not terribly good at following the plan. Which reminds me. I do need to sit down and plan out my meals for the next week.

I've also decided to jump in on #dropdeadgorgeousbydecember. A movement that Half of Jess is doing. I've watched on twitter and the blogs as #awesomebyaugust and #superbyseptember go by, partially wishing that I was taking part.

But let's face it . . .

I'm lazy. I've got a full plate, but I'm also supremely lazy and a skilled procrastinator. (My Italian could tell you that, but I think he's still fuming about my last procrastination binge . . . He's task oriented, OCD task oriented.)

However, I like a challenge. And as #dropdeadgorgeousbydecember isn't a contest and doesn't focus purely on weight, I'm all about it.

It will not be focused primarily on weight, and weigh-ins are optional.
Because being gorgeous shouldn’t be defined solely by a number. You are more than just a number.
Go check out her site and the rules . . . I'll wait right here . . .

Jeopardy music playing  

See what I mean? It's perfect! 
When I started this blog, I didn't want it to just be about weight loss, but I wanted it to encompass my whole life. My lack of house-keeping skills included (See, I told you I was lazy . . . mmm . . . that's too honest, let's call me a slacker)

Sure, I've been focusing on my weight-loss (or lack there of); mostly because . . . well do you really want to see this?
And have me admit to you that maybe it only looks mildly better?I mean I can fit the vacuum cleaner in there now. Don't even ask to look at my side of our bedroom! (Carpet? Color? What??)

Now that you're completely terrified . . . Our kitchen is clean. But not organized (I think we need a bigger kitchen . . . Or a place where the ceilings are not so tall I can't reach, even on a chair! But that's another story).

And our bathrooms aren't so bad. (No, no disclaimers here . . . just if you're coming over, give me a heads up, so I can "spruce" it up.)

All of that to say that #dropdeadgorgeousbydecember could not have come at a better time and is definitely the kick in the butt that I think I need.


Because while this is a challenge against me, myself and I and there are no "losers", if I do not meet my goals . . . I have defeated myself and lost.

3 months of keeping on top of a certain goal is bound to make it a habit and make life a far better place for my Italian (and make him a happier Italian) and myself.

Here goes everything!

And maybe you'll get more pictures looking like this:

Don't I wish that was my closet!

And less like this:


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