Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Babies, dresses and excuses

Okay, so I get it. I now understand why I've not been losing weight despite working out and (I thought) eating healthy. I'm still over-eating.
So WW is probably a good place for me to be after all.
  • IF I'd track every morsle that goes into my mouth
  • IF I'd stop eating once my points are gone
  • IF I would stick to it like a man in the ocean clings to a piece of driftwood.
Afterall, I know I can do this. I did plan out my meals for the entire week. Every meal, every snack, everything. With the exception of yesterday, I have points left over as well.

I even have planned when I am going to pre-make some of the meals. Like this morning. I don't have my endocrinologist appointment until 9:45 this morning, so I'm going to make breakfast for the rest of the week.
The only difference is that I am using real eggs instead of egg substitute. I'd rather eat the real thing.
Actually the dependence WW has on "fake" foods, or at least what they seem to preach, was one of the things that really bothered me before I left this past time. Of course I'm back! But this time I'm going to eat real food, and if I'm not getting to eat as much because what I'm eating doesn't have the chemicals or added sugars to make it low fat, then so be it! (Okay, off my little soap-box now.)
OH Poopie-heads! I forgot to send in my e-mail for this week's DDGBD! Ugh!
I have a good excuse though (hey! I saw that! Stop rolling your eyes when I mention my excuse . . . I know, I know. I'm full of them . . . or it. But you never know when you'll need a good one).
Just a quick review . . . remember how I was complaining about the world's UGLIEST bride's maid dress? Well . . . Julie came to my rescue. Future Army SIL met me at my folk's house on Saturday and brought the bigger dress that she had ordered for me, then we went to Julie's to see what magic she could create. We tried the dress on that I massacred and they determined the reason that I look pregnant is because it's TOO SMALL! (What? But it fastens!) So we tried on the new, bigger one (when you're trying to lose weight . . . this doesn't help!). It fit the way it was supposed to!
Sorta. I still looked like I was falling out of the top, but apparently this dress was made correctly! (The other dresses were far too long (falling at midcalf instead of the knee) and I think the bow was WAY too big!)

Julie, being the master seamstress and queen of fabric that she is, cut up the too small dress and took some of the fabric from the skirt to make a drapie (yes, I know that's not a word) modesty cloth (for lack of a better word). It drapes across and raises the neck line to an appropriate height (meaning . . . my inside, side boobs aren't hanging out. Lovely picture I know).
We then went to lunch and then I went to Fredericksburg to meet up with a friend from high school for dinner.

I ended up with a new boyfriend. I didn't know I was popular among the 3 year-old set!
It kept him distracted and occupied so he didn't swing the lamp over the table! Of course it only lasted 5 minutes, until he started sticking his hand in the tea and drinking it that way. (Eeeewww! That's MY tea, thank you very much!)
It was good to catch up with Melani, it's been WAY TOO long since we'd gotten together.

After dinner I needed to get home, since I had nursery all day on Sunday.
Got home, collapsed into bed and zonked out cold. Sunday came way way too early and I found myself in the toddler nursery, since there weren't any infants. We played airplane and all sorts of other *push Em's muscles to the max* games. The Sunday School hour passed and I moved back to the infant nursery where Italian Cousin brought her 9 month old in. YAY!! Cutie-patootie! So I got to play with him for the time of the Sunday Service. He's looking like he wants to crawl but doesn't quite have the mechanics down yet.

OY! After church I was ready for a nap! But instead we created our food list for the week and went grocery shopping.
By the time it was time for bed, I was SO TIRED that I was getting cranky. Really, truly, honest to God cranky. I've not been that way in a long long time. I mean I've talked about being cranky, but this was true crankiness! OY!
I passed out thinking I needed to get up to send the DDGBD e-mail. And I still haven't done it.
Maybe after my endo appointment & work tonight?
Speaking of which, I need to get going!


  1. That's my biggest issue with WW - the fact that they rely heavily on processed foods. I like the philosophy they have of eating in moderation, but I wish they would emphasize whole foods!

    That's great that the dress is getting sorted out. I'm going bridesmaid dress shopping on Saturday. Wish me luck!

  2. I so don't envy you! Good luck with the bridesmaid dress! Yeek!