Friday, August 27, 2010

Hilarious Tweets & Funky Feet

In honor of #ff or Follow Friday on Twitter, I thought I'd post some of my favorite tweets that made me think, giggle or evoke some other response.

@hypo_girl: When you are hypo - normal is standing on your  head! LOL. (I almost peed myself laughing when I read this! What makes it so funny though . . . is how TRUE it is!)

@halfofjess: You know you are a barefoot runner when, even in drunken stupor, you bet people that you can run down the block with no shoe (This is the fabulous lady who is responsible for Drop Dead Gorgeous By December.)
@JackSht: This is one of those days when the comments on my blog are funnier than the blog. I HATE THOSE DAYS! (Honestly, this guy is just hilarious anyway, but insightful . . . Which is always the best type of hilarious!)
@OperationJack: WOW. Stephen Strasburg needs Tommy John surgery. WOW! (I don't know what Tommy John surgery is (I guess I should google it) but I do know who Stephen Strasburg is!)
@cookswithtofu: It smells amazing in here! Working on a new sweet potato, garlic and herb dog cookie flavour. (TOTALLY not fair! She had me salivating . . . then I find out it's a dog cookie? Erm . . .)

Okay so, this one I found on facebook, but still! HIGH-LARIOUS!
Julie: My hubby sent me to the auto parts store with a shopping list. The poor kid at the counter couldn't figure out how to spell "flux capacitor." (Yes Julie, I stole this off your facebook page. This was just too too funny)

 Side note - The mail just came in and my fitbook arrived! YIPEE!!! I'd take a picture and show you, but my phone is still in the car and the elevators are acting wonky.

@5dollardinners: The children are playing "Fed-Ex Man"...a new game that involves door bell ringing, invisible packages and little people glee. (It's stuff like this that makes my clock start ticking again. Not that it really stopped. I want little people!)
So this time next week I'll be getting my hair relaxed and my nails done. I'm debating on whether or not to do my own pedicure, cause my toenails are pretty gross. Either way, they'll be painted for the wedding, but I'm not sure whether to do them myself or to have them done. I do plan on getting a bottle of whatever color my fingernails are, so I can touch them up Sunday morning. (I'm notorious for ruining a manicure within 15 minutes of leaving the salon!)

OH! That reminds me! I still need to make my hair appointment. YEEP! Here's hoping he's got an opening or that he's even there!!!

PHEW! He has an opening. 9:45. Hopefully my Italian has to go in at 9. Otherwise he's either going to have to call the van to take him or go in at noon! Meh . . . I'm sure he'll go in at 9.
If only V would get back so I can go pee and go get my phone and charge it up to tell him when my hair appointment is! (I don't know his work number off the top of my head.) E-mail! DUH!

Okay I'm off to find someone to watch the phones while I pee. (Sorry, I know, TMI)

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