Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weight Watchers Take 2

Have I told you how much I love my Italian?
We weighed ourselves last night. He is a lot higher than he wants to be. Still in a healthy weight range, but he wants to lose 15 or 20 pounds.
I weighed in at 210. (Holding strong at that damn number!)
My Italian suggested we do Weight Watchers together. So he's going to get us signed up sometime today since he has the day off. We're going to do it online.
To be honest, part of me is very excited to make this attempt with my Italian. The other part of me wants to throw a massive temper tantrum and not do it.
However, as much as I don't want to admit it, my weight loss has not been that successful since I left Weight Watchers. (grumble, grumble, grumble)
So, back I go!
I think I may actually be a little more successful this time around.
I have someone doing it with me! I'm not making 2 different meals anymore. I'll be making one meal, just one for the two of us.
It's fun watching him learn about it all.

It's actually been good to step back from Weight Watchers and actually getting a chance to focus on learning what my body wants and how it feels best. I do know that a low fat diet isn't a happy place for me. The plan isn't to go crazy with fats, nor do I plan to indulge in the WW foods.
My Italian and I were talking about it last night. As soon as I started eating the WW food, I quit losing weight as well as when I was eating real food.
So real food and watching my points it is.

I think the biggest change will be for my Italian. I think he was shocked to find out that a can of Chef Boyardee was two servings. HA!! I know he'll do well though. I'm looking forward to having my fit Italian back. (not that I don't love him now. Cause I do, very much so.)

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