Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Thoughts

I often have random thoughts pop in my head and sometimes, I'm simply too lazy to put them up on twitter. Or I'm afraid they may be too random or strange. So I decided to create a blog post. Enjoy!

I wonder if it's possible to be vegetarian and still avoid soy and soy products.

Why is it once you decide to record your thoughts they all go away?

I can't believe I forgot to pick up an avocado when we were at the grocery!

Speaking of grocery, I think we're going to be out of fruit by the end of the day. Do you think my Italian will let me go get some more?

How'd we run out of food so fast?

Ugh . . . I can't seem to wake up today. Of course I slept like a rock last night. I didn't move at all. Could that be why my back is stiff?

I need to buy mushrooms this week. Mushrooms and avocados.

My tweetdeck is up! I'd forgotten that was up! YAY!! Time to catch up on the stuff that people are saying I guess.

Why does my Mentions never come up? That's really annoying.

Tweet from SmoothieDrinker: Looking for something to replace your morning coffee? Try putting Maca in a green smoothie. - I did that and I was still falling asleep. Maybe I didn't put enough in there? Or maybe it's expired? I do know I'm running low. Am I supposed to keep it in the fridge?

I really need to NOT pull up facebook in the morning. I'm so much more productive when it's not up.

These savory oats look yummy!!

I need to remember to bring my brown bag on Friday so I can load up all my lunch dishes and take them home. (It's REALLY bad! I've got 4 glasses and countless plastic-ware.)

Yoville is annoying but so addictive. <-- Did I spell that right?

Okay, Boss-lady leaving early for lunch is getting really annoying because I know she won't be back until at least 2:30. But she has a shit fit if I'm late back from lunch? So she can interrupt my lunch but I can't interfere with hers? WTF!

Lunch is over . . . but I still want a salad . . . I need to focus and get my pile done so I can get the newspapers knocked out. Focus Em! Focus! Here's the deal. You finish you're pile, you can go make a salad. Deal? Good. Now go work!

What is tempeh anyway? And how do you pronounce it?

I think our copier is dying. It's making the worst squeaking sound every time someone uses it. Or a ROUS is stuck in there.

Why do people call all at once when I'm the only one answering the phones! ACK!! One at a time peoples!

Where is Big Bossman anyway? And why is he not answering his cell phone? BAD BBM!

Stuffed mushrooms sounds good.

I need pizza. I've been craving it since Saturday!

Smack is a strange last name.

A lot of Richmond tweeps have been following me recently. Which is nifty coolness, cause I'm in Richmond!

DOH! I wanted to go down to the Fountain Bookstore during my lunch!

I wonder if it's still raining out.

Okay Focus!! Remember! Yummy salad?

Actually I think I need to eat a monster salad anyway. I think the salad expires tomorrow! EEEK!

How does one de-seed a tomato? Isn't that basically what tomatoes are?

Okay people, you have direct lines. Give your friends and family your direct line and quit sending through the main line! I'm tired of talking to your children!

Do Magic Bullets still require you to plug into the wall? Or are they portable? I want one.

Okay now for real, I've GOT to get back to work. (Yes, this was very distracting, but fun!) I hope you enjoyed a peek inside my brain. Obviously very food oriented today!

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