Friday, August 27, 2010

Dumping pictures

I just dumped 286 pictures from my phone onto my work computer. Maybe my phone will work faster now!
Are you ready for a barrage of random and strange pictures? Do you really want a barrage of random and strange pictures?
Eh, they're not that strange. Lots of my monsters, food pictures that were intended to go up here but never made it. I think that's mostly it. OH! And pictures from when we were at the beach and went to go see where my brother is getting married next weekend. 
YOU HAVE to see that!
Approaching the wedding sight

The aisle and where the deed will get done.
Back down the aisle
The sound from the back of the lighthouse. Yes, it is a lighthouse.
Another view of the back, but this time with the sexiest man in the world there too. My Italian. I LOVE HIM!

I do imagine the day of it might look a little different. I don't know for sure though. Since it is out in public I can't imagine she's planning much decorating the night before and the wedding is at 10am, so I know SHE's not doing any. Hrmmm . . . I am wondering.

And on to more pressing matters . . . such as yesterday's breakfast!
Greek yogurt and flax seeds mixed together and left to sit overnight
Nanners and mango tossed on top of the Greek Yogurt mess. YUM!

If you follow me on facebook or twitter you know I had chinese food for lunch that just about killed me! Working out last night wasn't pretty either.

Ya know how they always say, Junk in, Junk out? Yea.
Apparently that goes for eating too. I've not attempted to wrap my head around the "food as fuel" concept yet. But I think I get it. Or at least I get the lesson this time. (How many more times will I have to learn it before I REALLY get it? I have no idea.)
I did my work-out, but honestly thought I was going to die. (And I wasn't doing the Evil Lady either. This lady was nice, but it was still a pretty intensive work-out.)
But today is Friday. A new day and I think I nearly broke my blender trying to make my monster this morning. I also think I may have accidently used hot water when I added water to it. Right now it tastes awful! So it's sitting in the freezer here at work cooling down.
Why no picture?
Well . . . my phone is dead . . . rather the battery is dead and its sitting in my car. (Not so organized this morning, but I did get to work on time!)

OH! And if you're wanting something yummy for dinner you MUST go check out HEAB's Chili recipe. If I didn't already have plans for dinner tonight, we'd SO be having that for dinner! Maybe Sunday . . .   

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