Friday, August 20, 2010

Separate but Me

After lots of thunkin' and debating . . . I've created a facebook page for my blog! YAY!! Come friend me! (Yes, I'm whoring myself out there. Hey! It's what I do! HEE!)

It's been a long debate. I've wanted to put one up, but at the same time, I like to keep my family life and my blog life (as if I don't intermingle them here anyway?) separate. (<--- I CAN NOT spell that word for the life of me! Driving me crazy!)

I posted the question on twitter, but want your thoughts on it. Do you keep your blog world and IRL world separate? Do they intermingle?

Not that I want to stay TOTALLY behind the computer screen . . . but I want to be me and express myself without the outward pressure of family. Ya know, worrying that they'll get upset and cause family drama. (Oy vey! Don't get me started on Italian family drama! Mama Italian isn't even Italian but geez . . . the drama some of the stuff I've written on my blog would start! SHEESH!)

I do want to get out there and say Hi! (Even if Logan monster is my face right now!)

So . . .


(that's not nearly big enough :-( Oh well . . . )

Come say hi! Tweet me, friend me on facebook! I don't bite . . . much . . . or very hard . . . er . . . yea.

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