Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In Real Life

How is it that my best ideas for blog posts come when I'm no where near a computer & have nothing to write with or write on! Ergh! And I've had the same idea twice! It's not coming to me at all right now either . . . 

But it's still November! Do you know what November brings? NaBloPoMo!!!! Now since it's November 3, I'm not participating officially. But I figure the challenge to blog everyday for 30 days is one I should take on/can do.

Where have I been?

Well the day after my last blog post I went to WordCamp RVA and learned SO SO much! (I spent the past two weeks sorting through the information . . . maybe . . . sorta . . . yeah, something like that.) But speaking of WordCamp, it did push me in the direction of something I've been meaning to do for quite a while, but I'll talk about that later on in the week.
Work . . . well, that's just work.
The following weekend I left for the Shenandoah mountains for a women's retreat. It was SUCH a FAST weekend. But beautiful.
This past weekend was my Italian's last horseback therapy lesson, so we have our weekends back! YES! And they're not booked up through the end of the year! YES!
Though this coming weekend we are going up to my parents' to help them pack. (They're moving! The house is almost built! YAY!!!)

So what has happened with the Italian?

Well we discussed it and while he was trying to support me, I explained to him that I did appreciate it, but I didn't need a coach, I needed a . . . ummm . . . (crap) I forgot what I had said! But we've come to an understanding and we're able to discuss it in a calm manner. (He's always calm. I'm the one who needed to chill before we could discuss.)


I went to my first yoga class last Tuesday! Oh. my. gersh! I'm in lurve. I'm addicted. I'm plotting on how to get out of the contract with the gym I'm with now and move to American Family where I can go take that and other classes.

And I'm taking another class next Monday . . . seriously . . . gotta get this figured out. May have to wait until the beginning of the year though. #lame

How are ya'll? 

Didja miss me much?  (HA!!)

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