Friday, October 15, 2010

When Support is a Bad Thing . . .

Welcome to Friday! Yay!!

How did the Unearthing/Italian household start off their last day of the week?

A fight . . . well . . . an argument.

About what you ask?

My health, my weightloss.

Excuse me while I rant here for a second. But, LAY OFF! Let me do me. Let me lose my weight and live life at the same time! So I'm not dropping 5 lbs in a week. I'M NOT YOU!! 
I don't like my job. It's draining.
I don't wake up right away and am ready to tackle the world. I need time to wake up. I WAKE UP SLOWLY. I always have, I always will. HOWEVER! When I've been needed in the ungodly hours of the night (3am, 1am . . . ) I've been up, fully alert and attentive. I can rise to whatever challenge comes my way.
Have a little faith in me!

No, so I've not followed through on Every. Single. Thing. I've said I'd do. No, I didn't lose weight for our wedding. (I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and found a new job after being unemployed)
No, I didn't lose weight for my brother's wedding. (Correction, I didn't get below 200 lbs for my brother's wedding) I didn't gain weight either. Well, okay, I did gain weight but I lost it again and the weight lost revealed muscle and I slimmed down.
Sure, I'm still over 200 pounds, but I'm a slimmer, healthier 205, 206 (as of this morning) than I was at this weight when I was losing it faster!
I would MUCH rather be a healthy, strong fat girl. Than a weak, unhealthy skinny girl.

In fact, I'll put it out there. If I EVER fit into the skinny minny category, you have my permission to tie me down and truck me to what ever hospital/therapist/psychotherapist you deem suitable. I was not built to be skinny minny. I've got broad shoulders and large thighs (which I'm learning to love!) that were built for strength and muscle.

My thighs may always brush together, but I'm okay with that.

I'm learning . . . there is such thing as TOO much support. When that support is overwhelming, smothering and causes stress.

So my dear, wonderful, caring Italian husband dear. BACK. THE. HELL. OFF!

Thank you. #thatisall


  1. I always had a hard time with that - I want support, but not pressure - I want help, but not nagging - I want to be encouraged, but not so that I feel like I'm letting anyone down if I slip. It's a slippery slope. Be specific about what you need. And make no promises to anyone but to yourself.

    Have an awesome weekend!

  2. you tell him!!

    I'm sure he means well in his heart but yeah I can't imagine this would help you at all!!

    hang in there! i agree. it's better to be a healthy strong bigger girl than a tiny weak thing.

  3. I'm normally a lurker but just wanted and comment and say I really needed to read this since my thighs and I have had a love/hate relationship since the mid-90s! There is nothing wrong with being a thick chick, nothing wrong at all! You have a great attitude!

  4. Hugs. I think men tend to just want to solve our problems, just do this...when we really just want their support, encouragement and a listening ear sometimes. You got this. Whatever your pace, that's OK.