Monday, September 13, 2010

Bad Karma

I am a horrible, horrible person! I feel really awful too.

You see, the Italian made an appointment for Logan-butt to go to the vet because he's been more and more agressive. Hissing at people and his attacks on Rufus-monster have heightened to the point that Rufus had started spraying. We got Feliway and that seemed to take care of that . . . On the way to the vet I was turning onto a busy road when my Italian pointed out a deer as it disappeared into the woods. As I turned onto the road and began to speed up I heard/felt a THUMP, like I'd hit something. I looked in my rear view mirror and I'd hit a fawn!

MASSIVE EPIC FAIL! (that seems almost glib, but it's not.)

I was/am totally horrified!  The poor thing got up, stumbled a few steps in the wrong direction and collapsed in the middle of one of the lanes.
I honestly didn't know what to do! I drove onto the vet and before we got in there someone pulled in behind us, got in there first and told them. Apparently there was an accident (more bad karma) caused by/involving/related to the deer (I didn't quite catch it) and it had been reported and someone was on there way.
I didn't hit the fawn on purpose! I didn't see it! Ugh . . . I'm still completely guilt-ridden though. :-( Bad bad EM!!! (And I have to go that same route tomorrow to work.)
On the way home, I didn't see a sign of an accident or of the fawn. I'm hoping that it is getting medical attention if it needs it and that the accident wasn't too bad.


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