Thursday, July 29, 2010

Plugging Back In


I'm in the process of plugging back in. Really! Ya see the thing is, while I was on vacation at the beach, I got back into knitting in a massive way and that seems to take up all my time anymore!

I've not forgotten about ya'll. I promise.

OH! But lots of news to talk about.

  • Right before I left for the beach, Army Bro's fiance asked me to be a bridesmaid! So I am going to be in the wedding after all! 
  • Army Bro is coming home this Saturday!! He and his fiance will be at my parents on Sunday. We're all converging there to celebrate Baby Bro's birthday, Army Bro's homecoming (he's not been home since Christmas!), and Dad's birthday. 
  • My Italian got a job!! He started work last Friday. He's working part time for the Commonwealth doing payroll. He LOVES his job. He told me it allows him to express his OCD more fully. (More importantly he's HAPPY! Not that he wasn't before, but it's a marked change. The guy who I dated is back. YAY!!)
Umm . . . What else is going on? I did join Planet Fitness. A gym that's a short bike ride away. My plan, initially was to go there in the morning and Curves in the afternoon. But, this week I've been taking my Italian to work and picking him up in the evenings so I've not made it to the gym in the morning.

I did get there last night. I did 15 minutes on the treadmill. Then got in some weight work (which is really why I wanted to join a gym in the first place). When I got home I found a yoga dvd and used that to stretch out. It also totally relaxed me, so after I got a shower I passed right out (Or that might have been the work at the gym).

I'm totally getting hooked on yoga now too. SO MUCH FUN!! Well . . . maybe not fun, but it feels good and while I'm not real good at it, I can see improvement each time I do it.

Food-wise things are developing. I've got a post that meanders all over that topic that I hope to have done shortly . . .

I've missed you guys!


  1. So happy for the Italian! It's incredibly important to have a job that you enjoy.

    Good work on getting back to the gym, too!

  2. Thanks Sagan. He's such a happy Italian these days. Which makes me a happy Italian wife . . . or something like that! Ha ha ha.

    **HUGS** JAFG!!